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  • Huriye Özdemir

    Huriye Özdemir

    Senior Cybersecurity Consultant | Artist — Instagram: @art.lady.bug

  • Digit Oktavianto

    Digit Oktavianto

    DFIR Enthusiast ; Threat Intelligence Enthusiast ; Born to be a Blue Team ; CDEF Indonesia Member ; {GCIH, GMON, GICSP, GCFE, CEH, CSA, ECSA, CTIA, ECIH, CHFI}

  • Taimur Ijlal

    Taimur Ijlal

    Cloud Security Expert , Author and Career Coach with over 20 years experience. Loves writing and teaching about Cloud Security and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Kostas


    I’m Kostas and I am a security researcher. My interests lie in #ThreatIntel, #malware, #IR & #Threat_Hunting. I either post here or at http://thedfirreport.com/

  • Tareq Alkhatib

    Tareq Alkhatib

    Cyber Nerd | Father | Chocoholic | All opinions are my own and not my employer's | twitter.com/alkhatib_tareq

  • Matt Palmer

    Matt Palmer

    National CERT Director, Global CISO, financial regulator, NED. Still learning. Say hi at http://linkedin.com/in/mattpalmercyber

  • Mauricio Velazco

    Mauricio Velazco

    @mvelazco #AdversarySimulation #ThreatDetection #PurpleTeam

  • Andy Robbins

    Andy Robbins

    BloodHound Product Architect

  • Thomas Roccia

    Thomas Roccia

    Security Researcher

  • Kevin Beaumont

    Kevin Beaumont

    Everything here is my personal work and opinions.

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